Is a Squeaky Dryer Dangerous? What’s Wrong & How To Fix It!

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Discretion has never been an attribute of dryers. It can be hard enduring the noise during laundry time, let alone a squeaky one. A dryer squeaking can stir up some concerns, including the potential risk of fire hazards.

So, is a squeaky dryer dangerous?

Squeaky Dryer

No. This appliance makes a different type of noise identified with specific problems. Usually, when it squeaks, it’s like the roller wheels or bearings need lubrication. The chances of fire hazard increase with the amount of friction generated within the device.

Remember, while a squeaky dryer might not be dangerous, pushing it beyond its limit aggravates the situation. Therefore, it’s crucial that you get to the crux of the problem and try resolving it yourself. And here’s a comprehensive guide on troubleshooting and fixing your squeaky dryer to avoid its dangers.

The Dangers Of A Squeaky Dryer

In most cases, a squeaky cloth dryer is not dangerous. Not to say it’s perfectly okay to keep using the appliance when it indicates it’s malfunctioning. Plus, this unusual noise can have a negative effect on your health. Studies have shown that consistent exposure to elevated sound levels has psychological and physical health consequences.

Besides, WHO regards noise pollution as the follow-on to air pollution in terms of worst environmental stressors.

So, it’s generally safe to complete your chores if you notice your cloth dryer squeaking while doing your laundry. However, it gets more dangerous with subsequent usage. Besides, you’ll be doing your machine no good. Unless you are willing to pay for costly repairs or purchase a new one, we recommend calling an experienced technician to troubleshoot and fix your machine immediately.

What Is Wrong With A Dryer When It Squeaks

Like with any other appliance consisting of mechanical parts, dryers require timely lubrication to avoid wear and tear, which is usually the primary cause of the squeaking sound.

What Is Wrong With A Dryer When It Squeaks

Without further ado, let’s check out the faulty moving parts responsible for the squeaking noise:

Fan or Blower Wheel

The primary purpose of the blower wheel is to eject heated air from the dryer. The drawn-out air passes through the drum and, finally, vents out. Typically, debris and dust tend to accumulate around this moving part during the process, which contributes significantly to the squeaky noise.

Faulty Motor

If the motor is imputed, this is a catastrophic situation. While your cloth dryer might keep working, the elevated squeak noise might be unbearable. Also, it’s likely to stop working if you push it beyond its limits. This problem might render your dryer unworthy of fixing, considering you have to hire an electrician and purchase a suitable motor and other faulty parts.

Constant to that, we recommend avoiding the hassle and hoops associated with fixing a dryer with a faulty motor by replacing your dryer outrightly. But if you can get a good deal for the motor, then it might be cost-effective to repair your machine.

Faulty Belt

Another part of the dryer might be responsible for the squeaking noise. The dryer’s belt is attached to the pulley and wrapped around the drum, which helps spin the motor super fast.

With time, the belt wears and tears, causing it to be loose over the drum. Consequently, the loose grip leads to a squeaking noise as it drives to keep driving the motor. In this situation, your dryer’s performance deteriorates and demands a replacement belt.

Loose Screws

Another likely root of the squeaky noise is loose screws. This is a common problem with appliances with screwed parts. Once these parts are not secure in place, the vibration between these parts can be responsible for the irritating noise. Also, a loose screw getting tumbled as the machine operates can explain the unusual noise.

Felt Drum Seal

If the felt drum seal of your machine is missing, worn, or defective, it explains why your cloth dryer is making an annoying noise. Both electric and gas models employ felt drum seals to keep the hot air in the machine and not escape into the laundry room.

The felt drum seals wear and tear due to the friction from the drum rotating. After much beating, the felt seal can get excessively frayed, which leads to unusual sounds. If this is the case, it’s best to purchase a new felt drum seal and replace it correctly.

How to Stop a Dryer From Squeaking

As mentioned earlier, a squeaky clothes dryer is not dangerous when used to complete a current batch. However, it can pose a serious threat if you ignore the noise and push the machine’s limit. It is essential to figure out the root cause of the irritating noise and take the necessary steps to fix the squeaky issue.

How to Stop a Dryer From Squeaking

Furthermore, dryers have several moving parts that demand lubrication regularly. So, it is crucial to schedule regular maintenance of your dryer to prevent the moving parts from creating lots of friction that speeds up the wear and tear of your machine.

Troubleshooting your machine should not be a challenging feat. More often than not, the moving parts are the culprit. And in most cases, replacing the belt, tightening any loose screw, and applying a felt drum seal, among many others, should solve your noise problems.

Generally speaking, a clothes dryer making a squeaky noise should not send you into a panic or purchase a new appliance. Simple DIY tips and tricks get the problem solved. Sadly, it is best to consult an electrician or replace the machine in some catastrophic situations, such as a damaged motor.

Related FAQs

Is a squeaking dryer dangerous?

A dryer that makes a squeaking noise does not immediately threaten your safety. However, negligence and continuous usage might damage the components of the dryer. Hence it is wise to inspect your cloth dryer and fix any faulty components to guarantee the machine’s longevity and safety.

How do I prevent my dryer from squeaking?

The best way to avoid this irk noise Is to pay extra attention to your routine maintenance and care. Endeavor to keep the machine clean and inspect the moving components of the dryer.

Also, you want to ensure that the dryer is placed on a leveled floor. Needless to say, it is crucial that you also never overload your machine.

How much does it cost to fix a squeaking dryer?

How much is required to fix your squeaking machine depends on several factors. If your dryer is protected and still under warranty, you should ask the manufacturer to stand by its promise. In this case, you might get a free repair replacement or rebate.

Alternatively, suppose you will be fixing the faulty part yourself. In that case, the price for repairing your machine depends on the number of defective components and the technician’s price for labor and visit. However, these replacement parts are usually less than $200.


So is a squeaky dryer dangerous? Less likely. But ignoring the noise can be a costly mistake. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you immediately check your machine anytime you hear any unusual sound coming from it.

Most times, it’s nothing major. But when you keep using it, the problems aggravate and become much more expensive to repair. If you don’t consider yourself handy, you can call your technician or electrician to come to check it out for you. Do not wait for your machine to give up before doing the right thing.

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