The 5 Best Rubber Floor Mats for Soundproofing Your Space!

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It can be hard to sleep like a baby if you can hear your partner’s secret late-night journey to the kitchen. If the floorboard is weak, it produces a creaking noise as you walk or kids monkey around, which can be irritating.

Rubber Floor Mats for Soundproofing

Only very few options are effective for regaining your peace and quiet. But the least expensive and easiest method is using soundproofing rubber floor mats.

They are customizable to taste and preference. Plus, it saves you from making any major, pricey DIY in the house.

So, in this article, I’ll share the top 5 rubber floor mats for soundproofing. Even better, I created the most comprehensive buying guide section to ensure you make a happy choice.

Top 5 Rubber Floor Mats for Soundproofing

RankProductKey Features
1.Mohawk Home Non-Slip Rug Pad GripperSynthetic Material
2.RUGPADUSA Basics Protective Cushioning Rug PadEasy Trimming
3.Gorilla Grip Felt and Natural Rubber Rug PadSafe Floor Protection
4.Carpenter Visco- Elastic Memory FoamFull 1/2 Thick padding
5.Sonic Acoustics Non-Slip Soundproof Rug PadIdeal for Hardwood Floors

What is a Soundproof Floor Mat?

In simple terms, a soundproof floor mat features incredible noise-absorbing properties. They do not have an aesthetic appeal. So, they are usually covered with rugs or any desired covering.

Soundproof Floor Mat
Soundproof Floor Mat

The rubber mat dampens the noise generated from each stomping and prevents it from making a nuisance. This noise-absorbing rubber mat is available in different thicknesses, which means different soundproofing performances. Some models can be as thick as 1⁄2 inch.

However, they are highly sought-after because of their easy installation. They come with specific dimensions, making them easy to install. An 8 x 10 rubber mat would require at least an 8 by 10 covering. It’s better to go with an oversized covering for the best results.

How Does It Work?

Rubber floor mats work in tandem with rugs for maximum impact noise absorption. They are not effective in combating air-borne noise. Noise migrating from external noise like your neighbor’s loudspeakers or traffic won’t be absorbed.

The science behind the practical soundproofing floor mats is the rubber material. This material has fewer holes, which explains its notorious noise-damping effect. This less porous material isolates, traps, and prevents stomping noise from spreading.

So, how do I pick the right one for my house? Check some key factors to weigh before making a choice below.

How to Pick the BEST Rubber Floor Mats for Soundproofing?

BEST Rubber Floor Mats for Soundproofing

Thickness and Weight

When shopping for the best soundproofing floor mat, its thickness is an essential feature. How thick the mat is gives valuable insight into its soundproofing performance level.

Every rubber floor mat comes with specifications and dimensions. Thus, making it easier to pick one with the right thickness for your home. Remember that thicker models are not necessarily the best option for you and your home.

Also, you need to factor in the weight. Thick but light floor mats can strongly indicate poor sound-absorbing performance. It’s vital to opt for a relatively heavier and denser rubber floor mat.


This factor is often ignored by most shoppers. Before purchasing a floor mat, it is paramount to determine the size you need. Otherwise, you might end up with an oversized mat or too small to cover the entire space.

So, measure the room space and make a conscious contrast with the intended rubber floor mat.


Rubber floor mats are not created equal. Some models are more expensive than others. Like any product, there’s a good chance of purchasing a high-quality rubber mat without paying a relatively hefty price. Nonetheless, thicker and denser rubber mats tend to cost more than their thinner counterparts.


Sound-absorbing floor mats are made with different materials. It’s crucial that the material has fewer holes for adequate noise isolation. Rubber is my favorite for its poor porosity, which makes it an excellent choice for many weak floor beds.

So, don’t be too quick to fall victim to the manufacturer’s empty promises. Do your due diligence by checking the material used and the Impact Insulation Class (IIC). The higher the IIC value, the better the soundproofing result you get.


Although rubber floor mats are placed under the rug or covered, they can get dirty with time. Hence, it’s wise to consider a washable option. Not all of them are washable. Consider a washable rubber floor mat if you want to save a bundle of dough, time, and effort.

Soundproofing Rubber Floor Mats Review

1. Mohawk Home 8′ x 10′ Non-Slip Rug Pad Gripper

The Mohawk Home Non-Slip Rug Pad Gripper is my top pick for its unparalleled versatility. This product comes with two surfaces. Its unique combination of non-slip rubber material and felt earns it my top spot.

Mohawk Home 8' x 10' Non-Slip Rug Pad Gripper

Its remarkable versatility birthed tailored customization. You can place either side on the floor for a durable relationship with your rug or covering.

But that’s not all;

Mohawk Home Non-Slip Rug Pad Gripper is available in three versatile thickness options: ½, ¼, and ⅜. This product lends your floor matting the right thickness and density for noticeable noise isolation.

Whether your floor creaks embarrassingly or you want to respect your downstairs neighbors, the Mohawk Home Non-Slip Rug Pad Gripper is a perfect choice.


This best soundproofing rubber floor mat features the most reliable non-slip mat to allow kids to play on shiny floors safely. No more tripping!

Also, the rubber matting material is sturdy enough to offer LIFETIME protection for your expensive floor from abrasion, scrapes, and other puncture forms. It’s the go-to if you want to improve your floor’s stability.

Another remarkable feature is its super dense fibers offering a fantastic cushion to any covering. The best part? It helps dampen the stomping noise so you can sleep better at night. ZERO disturbance, better sleep quality.

Even better, your phone and other frail things can fall with little to no damage. It’s a much safer playing ground for your kids and pets for an injury-free experience.


  • Eco-friendly and recycled felt
  • Easy to trim
  • Improve furniture and rug life
  • Outstanding noise reduction performance
  • Easiest to clean and maintain


  • Some spots are noticeably denser and feel awkward when you step on them.

2. RUGPADUSA – Protective Cushioning Rug Pad

The RUGPADUSA Protective Cushioning Rug Pad ranks second for its wide range of size and thickness options. The manufacturer says it offers custom sizes to save time trimming.

RUGPADUSA - Basics - 9'x12' - 12 Thick - 100% Felt - Protective Cushioning Rug Pad

Talking of its plethora of options;

This best-selling rubber mat offers a choice of three thicknesses. So, depending on how loud your floor creaks or your partner stomps, there’s always the right thickness for the job.

That’s just one thing that stands out about the RUGPADUSA Protective Cushioning Rug Pad. This product is wholly made of felt that boasts super comfort and extra thickness. Featuring denser materials, this rubber pad is efficient at isolating the noise for some deserved quietness.

More importantly;

I love the felt texture. It protects your lush floor surface from all kinds of damage, especially scratches. After many years, you are guaranteed a more shiny and pristine floor.

Unlike my favorite Mohawk Home Non-Slip Rug Pad Gripper, this product lacks a non-skid feature. Thus, it’s best to use it in less trafficked areas. Or better still, use a room with furniture and cover it with a heavy rug for stability.

So, if you want a product for a custom fit for your room with ZERO trimming stress, this Made-in-USA is your best bet.


  • Easy to layout
  • 100% Felt rug pad
  • Improve old and new rug performance
  • Available in ample size and thickness options


  • It lacks the non-slip rubber feature

3. Gorilla Grip Felt and Natural Rubber Rug Pad

This product is the closest rival if you want a more affordable option to the Mohawk Home Non-Slip Rug Pad Gripper. It sports the superior comfort of felt and the firm grip of rubber backing.

Gorilla Grip Felt and Natural Rubber Rug Pad

This pad rocks the best-in-class Slip-Resistant Natural Rubber Backing to keep the rug from sliding and bunching. Unlike the RUGPADUSA Protective Cushioning Rug Pad, this product is perfect for high-traffic areas. It can handle the rigors of daily trampling and playing.

On top of that;

The non-skid backing makes cleaning a breeze. How? It keeps the rug steady enough to vacuum with NO extra stress.

Gorilla Grip Felt and Natural Rubber Rug Pad feature a cutting-edge construction with condensed needle punch felt. It’s ultra thick and incredibly durable.

Thanks to its naturally dense fibers, this rug pad offers one of the best sound isolation. Also, its thickness offers a decent amount of cushioning to make even the thinnest rugs softer and cozier.


This excellent rival comes in two thickness options: ¼ and ⅛ inches. If you want a thicker rug, about ½ inches, I recommend my favorite Mohawk Home 8′ x 10′ Non-Slip Rug Pad. While it’s limited in thickness, it’s generous in the number of sizes it comes in.


  • It comes with a non-slip rubber backing for a solid grip
  • A lot of size and thickness options
  • Support effortless vacuum cleaning
  • Excellent sound absorption


  • Available in one color option- gray
  • Rugs tend to move a bit

4. Carpenter, 8’x10′, 1/2″ Visco- Elastic Memory Foam

If you need to make your rug or carpet feel more lush and cozy, then the Carpenter Visco- Elastic Memory Foam will make you happy. This product provides several unique benefits to stand out from the competition.

Carpenter, 8'x10', 12 Visco- Elastic Memory Foam

Unlike most products on this list, this world-leading manufacturer opted for a different material: visco-elastic memory foam.

This oddly-interesting material won’t tear or rip. It does not shy away from heavy foot abuse, so I installed it in my dining room and kitchen. Its solid, top-class construction guarantees longevity and almost lifetime protection.

The manufacturer designed it to boost your rug performance instantly. The Carpenter Visco- Elastic Memory Foam makes your rug feel more plush and luxurious.

Worth mentioning;

Its NEW spill guard moisture barrier keeps accidents and spills away from the cushion. Hence, you can easily clean up the mess from the rug without any costly damage.

My only concern is its poor grip performance. This product won’t hold your rug in place. So, if you have dogs that love making sharp turns, I recommend the Mohawk Home Non-Slip Rug Pad.

But if you want a more luxurious feel in your home, no product comes close to the Carpenter Visco- Elastic Memory Foam.


  • Lots of super thick options
  • Spillguard moisture barrier for maximum protection
  • Visco- Elastic Memory Foam for improved rug performance
  • Good value for money


  • No non-slip backing

5. Sonic Acoustics Non-Slip Soundproof Rug Pad

This product is a top choice for many homeowners, especially for those looking to minimize their footprint. This eco-friendly option is made from recycled carpet fibers with a non-slip rubber backing.

Sonic Acoustics Non-Slip Soundproof Rug Pad

This whole construction is about ⅖ inch thick, which should isolate and trap stomping noise effectively.

Aside from that;

This unit is not a mat like the others. It arrives in a box of 12 panels offering the easiest layout. Also, it can be an excellent choice for people looking to soundproof oddly-shaped spaces.

Like any premium choice, this model features a superior double-layer design. The fiber side holds the rug in place. Thus, your dogs and kids can turn and toss without the rug or carpet moving a hair. The pad itself stays intact and protects your floor, thanks to its non-slip rubber side.


  • Reliable non-slip performance
  • Tile construction for easy layout
  • Ideal for noise absorption and dampening


  • Thickness could be better

Related FAQs

Is rubber an excellent sound barrier?

Rubber can help dampen noise due to its thickness. It’s more effective in isolating noise than blocking impact noise. Hence, it is used chiefly in acoustic management to remove echo.

Can I soundproof my floor with foam mats?

Foam lends your concrete or hardwood floor a decent amount of cushion. This soft material has several applications in soundproofing. It helps reduce the impact of stomping and, by extension, limits the amount of noise generated.

Are gym mats ideal for floor soundproofing?

Most gym mats are made of rubber. As said earlier, they are excellent sound barriers due to their thickness. If planted correctly, gym mats can significantly minimize impact noise.

Is foam or rubber better for soundproofing?

The choice between foam and rubber for soundproofing depends on the individual needs of each project. Find the solution that works best for you!


The best rubber floor mats for soundproofing must be thick enough to absorb, isolate, and trap noise. But there’s more to that, from non-slip backing to the material quality.

Luckily, I’ve picked the top 5 rubber floor mats that not only attenuate impact noise but also help to improve your rug performance.

Now, it’s up to you to make a smart decision, considering the key factors discussed in the buying guide section.

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