Samsung TV Making a Loud Popping Noise? Here’s How to Fix it!

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You’re not alone if your Samsung TV is making a loud popping noise. Thousands of Samsung TV owners have reported the same problem.

samsung tv loud popping noise

We can say there are a few possible reasons for the noise, but the most likely cause is a hardware issue. Samsung has admitted the problem and is offering repairs for affected TVs.

Samsung will cover the repair cost if your TV is still under warranty. You’ll have to pay for the repair if your TV is out of warranty.

Either way, the popping noise is a problem that needs to be fixed. This article will take a closer look at the Samsung TV popping noise issue and what you can do about it.

Reasons for Samsung TV is Popping Noise

Reasons for Samsung TV is Popping Noise

There could be several reasons why your Samsung TV is making popping noise. Let’s talk about some of them.

Power Supply

When the power supply is overloaded or experiences a power surge, it can cause the TV to emit a popping noise. This is because the power supply cannot handle the extra load, and it causes the TV to switch off abruptly. So, look at whether your TV’s power supplier is performing well or not.

Cable connection

The popping noise that is sometimes heard when a cable is connected to a Samsung TV is typically caused by a short circuit in the cable. This can be created by several factors, including wear and tear on the cable, moisture, or simply a bad connection.

When the short circuit occurs, it creates a spark that can cause a popping noise. The bad arrangement of the TV cable sometimes creates a popping noise.

Poor power supply

If you’re experiencing a popping noise when you turn on your Samsung TV, it could be due to a poor power supplier. When there’s not enough power getting to your TV, it can cause the voltage to spike, which can create a popping noise. You will be capable of fixing the problem by getting a power strip with a higher wattage.

How Do We Keep Samsung TVs from Popping Noise?

How Do We Keep Samsung TVs from Popping Noise


Some of the possible explanations for the popping noise from your Samsung TV I would like to mention below are,

One possibility is that the TV is not adequately ventilated, which can cause the internal components to overheat and produce a popping noise.

Another possibility is a problem with the TV’s power supply, which can cause the components to overheat and create a popping noise.

If you are experiencing this popping noise, it is best to have a technician investigate the issue to determine the root cause and fix it.

Give a TV Rest

Giving the TV rest for a bit of time can solve this popping problem. Several ways to prevent a Samsung TV from popping on and off. One is to ensure that the power cable is appropriately plugged into the TV and the wall outlet.

Another is to check that the battery in the remote is fresh. If these solutions do not work, there may be a problem with the TV’s power supply. In this case, it is best to consult with a technician.

Updating TV Software

It may be due to outdated software if you are experiencing popping noises on your Samsung TV. An outdated software can create this stupid popping noise. So, You can Update your TV software to fix this problem.

If any of these steps don’t work, consult with a technician or the Samsung help center.

Related FAQs

Why is my Samsung TV making a popping noise?

It is common for Samsung TVs to make a popping noise, typically when turned on or off. This is usually due to the capacitors inside the TV. While not a permanent issue, it can be slightly annoying. If the popping noise is too loud or persistent, you can try unplugging the TV for a few minutes to reset it. If that does not work, you may need to have the capacitors replaced.

How do I fix the popping sound on my TV?

If your TV is making a popping sound, one of the components inside the TV is likely to lose. The popping sound is created when the loose component moves and hits another component. Also, if your TV screws are not tight and the cable connection is open or loose, check them and fix them; thus, the TV can’t create a popping noise.

Why did my TV make a loud pop?

It is very typical that the TV is making a loud pop sound, and of course, it is not multifunctional. These sounds can be a reason for lousy ventilation, long running time, or a bad cable connection.


TV helps us because it provides an escape from the real world. It allows us to forget our troubles and just relax. TV is also a great way to learn new things. TV can remove all the stress and give you a great happy time with your family or loved ones. But when it is just popping noise and making your happy time worse, then you should definitely take some steps to overcome this.

All the little but helpful information I gave you in this article is life-saving. Just try these
And you will get a practical solution for Samsung TV’s loud popping noise.

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2 thoughts on “Samsung TV Making a Loud Popping Noise? Here’s How to Fix it!”

  1. My Samsung TV (Model Code: QN65QN90BAFXZA) had also made that popping noise. The only problem after that was my TV had vertical and horizontal lines in it preventing me from seeing most of the TV. My TV is 1 1/2 years old which makes it just out of it’s factory warranty; however, I had extended coverage through BEST BUY, who wouldn’t honor my warranty issue because they said that I caused the impact damage. Thank you Samsung. There should have been a recall on affected TV’s.

    • I’m sorry to hear about the issues you’re experiencing with your Samsung TV, as well as the difficulties you’ve had with Best Buy and Samsung’s warranty coverage. It can be frustrating when a product malfunctions just outside of its warranty period.

      Regarding the popping noise and the lines on your TV screen, it’s important to note that these issues could have various causes. While some users have reported similar problems with their Samsung TVs, it doesn’t necessarily mean there should be a recall for all affected models.


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