Can You Soundproof Velux Windows? The Ultimate Guide!

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Roof windows or Velux windows are a great way to improve your house’s ventilation and add natural lighting to your home. Even better, they can be your best friend if you love stargazing and moonlight.

Can You Soundproof Velux Windows

While Velux windows sound fantastic to have, homeowners have to deal with the external noise interrupting their peace since these roof windows do not block out sound effectively.

So, here’s a million-dollar question – Can you soundproof Velux windows?

The simple answer is yes. You can insulate your Velux windows to minimize the noise and effects of environmental changes. Therefore, in this post, we’ll share foolproof tips and tricks on how to soundproof Velux windows.

Tips & Tracks on How to Soundproof Velux Windows

How to Soundproof Velux Windows

Seal the Roof Window’s Frame

Checking whether the frame of your roof window is completely sealed is where you want to get started with soundproofing your Velux window. If you notice some gaps, holes, and cracks around it, it’s likely the culprit for allowing external noise to bother your home.

Hence, it would be best to seal the cracks or gaps noticed or insulate the roof windows, significantly reducing the noise from the roof window. It’s best to use noise-proofing sealing for the job. Sealing the holes, gaps, and cracks around the Velux window’s frame with just anything won’t cut it.

We recommended using Green Glue or other reliable options to caulk in the holes, cracks, and gaps present. This way, you can completely block air (carrying noise from your lousy neighbors, construction sites, traffic, etc.) from traveling through and into your home.

For best results, you might want to caulk the whole area around the roof window’s frame to ensure you are not missing a crack, hole, or gap. The primary idea is to prevent air from taking advantage of the small opening in the frame while the window is closed.

Replace with Sound Insulation Velux Windows

One of the best ways to soundproof your roof windows is to switch your exciting window to soundproof Velux windows to save you from trouble. These new windows are designed with soundproofing and thermal insulation in mind. They help cut down the rain noise and keep the heat out. Sadly, these excellent sound insulation Velux windows are on the pricey side but a worthwhile investment if you hate those external noises constantly interrupting your sleep or peace.

Use Soundproof Curtains or Blinds

This method is not the best option, especially for someone who hates the noise from the Velux windows. However, it is decent for homeowners who still want to hear the birds, rain, breeze, etc., but at a more subtle level.

Hence, you can opt for soundproof blinds or curtains to significantly help cut the noise to a bearable level. But with the roof window installed at an angle, hanging the curtains and blinds might be challenging. Nonetheless, it’s one of the easy ways of dampening the noise.

WIndow Plugs

Another effective option we recommend is using window plugs on your roof windows to reduce the noise level. Keep in mind that this option is not the most convenient we’ve tried.

Window plugs come in large cushion-like fittings designed for dampening noise. With this option, you might not be able to enjoy the sky view or take advantage of the natural lighting. Hence, it somehow defeats the purpose of having a rooftop in the first place.

Nonetheless, window plugs can come in handy whenever the noise is unbearable such as heavy rain during bedtime. Or if you are looking for a cheap and more convenient way to permanently get rid of your roof window.

Attach an External Soundproof Film

When it comes to muffling the noise, window soundproofing film won’t disappoint. Besides, it’s convenient to use – all you have to do is apply the film to the outer part of your Velux window for a lower noise level.

This film has a core layer sandwiched to provide proper insulation and minimize the amount of sound traveling through it. The soundproofing window film is effective and one of the best ways to block out noise.

Even better, some high-quality films allow you to open the roof window without being bothered by external noise. Also, they are super thin and transparent, meaning they won’t obstruct your view or alter the appearance of your roof window.

Soundcheck Board

If you own a recording studio with a Velux window, you’d be better off with a soundcheck board. It’s one of the brilliant ways of reducing noise. However, using this option means you have to consider opting for a double layer for the best results.

Also, it would be best if you had a sill at the bottom, a plinth, and latches to keep the soundcheck board secured. From our experience, a single plasterboard layer should do the trick. However, this is up to you, considering the noise level and where you live.

Additional Soundproofing

There is nothing wrong with trying to block out the noise completely. So, if any of the means discussed above did not achieve it, you can try adding some soundproofing accessories. For instance, you might want to utilize soundproofing blinds and shutters to reduce noise further and offer thermal insulation.


It’s often challenging to deal with noise pollution, and you don’t have to deal with it. If the noise gets into your space via the roof window and you find it disturbing, you can soundproof your Velux windows.

Luckily, we’ve discussed several ways to cut down the noise coming into your room through your roof windows. No doubt, soundproofing the Velux window is essential for a good night’s sleep.

All in all, you want to consider one or more of these options to ensure you get satisfying results. These options will help dampen the noise from rain, traffic, birds, etc. But the most important thing is to ensure the Velux windows are correctly installed with no gaps, holes, or cracks for a noise-free experience.

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