Why Does My Skylight Projector Make Noise? Top 5 Reasons!

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Projectors are another decent option for home entertainment and presentations. They offer a much larger viewing area and allow you to create that cinematic experience at home.

Why Does My Skylight Projector Make Noise

However, some projectors tend to make some whirring noise that spoils the tempo of your great ongoing presentation or the mood of the tense quiet movie scene.

For many years, the noise and constant buzz have always been a major concern. Hence, this post provides detailed reasons for one of the most frequently asked questions – why does my skylight projector make noise? And what to do when your smooth, whisper-quiet projector becomes irritating.

Top 5 Reasons Your Skylight Projector is Making a Noise

One of the main reasons your skylight project suddenly becomes irritating is overheating. This is usually a result of either poor ventilation or a projector lamp.

 Skylight Projector

However, here are five main reasons why your skylight projector is noisy:

Extreme Room Temperatures

How well a projector performs hinges on the room temperature. The projector runs hot, which means placing it in a hotter environment can cause it to function out of order – leading to constant buzz. In this sense, extreme temperatures – whether too cold or too – are brutal for this device.

On the flip, using your running-hot projector in an extremely cold condition will likely lead to the moving parts ceasing up and making irritating noise.

Running for Extended Period

Another common reason for your question, “Why does my skylight projector make noise?” is maybe you haven’t turned the device off in a long while. Consecutive and prolonged use of this machine during presentations and meetings or binge-watching movies can be responsible for annoying buzz sounds in your projector.

The internal heat buildup results in buzzes and noises when you use your device for a long while without turning it off. Even worse, it might lead to permanent damage.

Projector’s Age

Like other electronics, projectors can get old and need a replacement. Your device will drain out with time, regardless of how well you maintain it. While extra care tends to increase the projector’s lifespan, it can only work perfectly for a couple of years.

When the project has clocked its age limit, you might notice a funky plastic smell or loud noises due to the tear of the moving part. At this point, it’s best to consider purchasing a new skylight projector for your entertainment and presentation.

Poor Maintenance

If your projectors have been working for many months, they are likely dusty. This device demands regular maintenance to guarantee smooth, whisper-quiet performance. To achieve this, you have to properly clean the vent and ensure the machine is dust-free.

Projectors easily catch and trap dust in the moving parts. In such cases, it’s normal for the electronics to produce crackling and buzzing noises. The best way to solve this issue is to clean your skylight projector at least once a year.

High Power Settings

Projectors come with a wide range of settings to ensure they can be perfect for any function you’ve in mind. Sadly, it can be overwhelming. However, the manufacturer included an ECO setting that comes in handy when the device starts to make some irritating noise.

The ECO mode varies from one brand to another. Nonetheless, this setting is meant to limit the power the projector requires to run efficiently. Hence, the device cuts down the fan’s intensity and bulb’s brightness to ensure the projector can run smoothly and super-quiet.

So, if you find your skylight projector constantly buzzing, it’s likely your projector is operating on higher power resulting in some noise.

How to Make Your Skylight Projector Quieter?

How to Make Your Skylight Projector Quieter

By now, you should have figured out why your skylight projector is making noise. Next, it’s paramount that you understand how to run your device quietly. Projectors making noise is a common problem, and here’s a solution should you ever find yourself in this situation:

Allow the device to breathe

Using your projector for an extended period will lead to some crackling or buzzing noise and affect the lifespan of your device. Overheating is one of the main issues with projectors.

Therefore, it’s to allow the projector to cool down by giving it a couple of breaks and not using it for long hours at a stretch.

Proper Placement

Another incredible way to help avoid or tackle the constant buzzing sound is by mounting the projector on an insulator. It isn’t good to place this device on a metal or rug that can exaggerate the heat flow and cause the projector to overheat quickly.

Better ventilation

One of the most critical factors, yet often ignored, is ventilation. This helps the device deal with the internal heat. It’s best to install the device in a well-ventilated room or at an angle that promotes proper ventilation. With adequate ventilation, you won’t have to deal with a noisy projector.

Proper Maintenance

Most people often wonder why my skylight project makes noise, and usually, it’s because they have ignored its maintenance. This electronics needs maintenance time and again. This process involves cleaning the device from the inside out.

With alcohol wipes, tissues, and brushes, cleaning this device shouldn’t be a hassle. The alcohol wipes are perfect for cleaning the exterior surface. For the interior part, it can be tricky. Therefore, we suggest you take the device to a specialist, mainly to avoid getting the warranty void in any manner.

But if the warranty is over, you can open the device up and use the brushes and alcohol tissues to clean the projector’s circuits. More importantly, you want to be careful when cleaning the circuit and ensure you clean out every bit of dust. This should solve and prevent your skylight projector from making noise.

Is Your Skylight Projector’s Noise a Problem?

This boils down to you and your family’s preference. If you can enjoy the viewing experience without being interrupted by the fan’s humming sound, you shouldn’t really bother about it. In fact, the humming sound can be a good indication that your fan is doing a great job keeping the projector cool and running smoothly.

However, if it’s a buzzing or an irritating sound, it’s best to address the issue promptly to prevent the device from overheating and getting damaged.

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