Electrical Outlet Making Crackling Noise? Easy Ways To Fix It!

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It’s normal to hear some faint buzzing noise and quickly assume it’s your old standing fan or a device you have already considered replacing. However, please take a minute to figure out where the noise is coming from before chalking it up. It could be your electric outlet making a crackling noise.

Electrical Outlet Making Crackling Noise

If this is the case, you don’t want to sweep this under the carpet like a minor issue. It demands your immediate attention to ensure it does not evolve into a much larger problem putting you and your family members at greater risk.

There is an extensive list of the causes of the crackling noise migrating from your electrical outlet, from bad outlet to losing connection. Nonetheless, it’s important to get to the core of this problem to ensure it’s fixed for your safety.

So, without further ado, let’s understand why your electrical outlet is making a popping noise.

Why is my Electrical Outlet crackling?

Buzzing noise from your electrical outlet should not be taken lightly. There are two types of electricity 一 direct current and alternating current. The latter is what most homes use. Alternating current changes its polarity about 50 times per second. While this process is inaudible, interrupting it results in the buzzing or humming sound migrating from your electrical outlet. This noise is also called electric hum noise.

Top Causes of an Electric Hum Noise

Loose connections

When wires are loose inside the power outlet, the electric hum noise is expected. This is the common reason for the buzzing noise. You are more likely to experience these issues if you live in an older home with outdated wiring.

For old homes more than three decades old, you might want to call your local electricians to inspect your electric outlets or, even better, replace them all to be on the safer side.
Issues with the breaker

A faint buzzing sound from the breaker isn’t uncanny. However, louder humming noise should not be ignored. This might signify that your breaker is likely putting out fewer or more amps than required. Call your electrician to check out your breaker for the safety of your appliances.

Improper installation

Another reason you might be experiencing that annoying crackling noise from your electric outlet might be because of improper installation. If you had to replace the outlet yourself or ask an unqualified individual to do it for you, you folks might be at fault here.

As you increase the number of items plugged into the outlet, the louder the humming noise. So, if this is the case, we recommend you seek a licensed electrician to fix this issue. While you wait, we suggest you stop using the electrical outlet until it’s fixed: you don’t want to create a dangerous situation.

Is it normal for an outlet to make noise?

It’s not normal for an electrical outlet to make a noise, albeit it’s a common experience. However, this isn’t one of the home problems you want to ignore. You should understand the potential hazards of electricity. Humming noise from an outlet demands your immediate attention to prevent a dangerous situation.

If left unattended, you start noticing a couple of things, from warm outlets to blown fuses, and not limited to flickering lights 一 those are just a few things that might happen. Also, you are faced with a potential fire hazard or electric shock (which can happen to your loved one as well).

Electrical Outlet Making Crackling Sound – How To Fix It

While the electric humming noise can tell how urgent or serious the issue is, it doesn’t point out the root of the problem. With tons of potential options, pinning down the cause of the electrical system malfunction can be a bit tasking, especially if this is your first time.

Nonetheless, we’ve summed it up to allow you to get to the crux of the matter quickly:

Installation issues

If you keep hearing a crackling noise from your in-wall electrical outlet, this might signal an improper installation. Therefore, you want to check the socket or the connection of your appliances.

electrical outlet installation

Also, if the noise comes from the breaker box, it might be a broken wire, or the breaker box itself is at fault. In any of these cases, you want to call a professional as soon as possible and avoid using the electrical outlet in question.

If you’ve some experience with electrical connections, you can switch to screw terminals to secure the wires. Plus, installing Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters helps solve the arcing electricity problem.

Replace or fix faulty sockets

A crackling or buzzing sound migrating from the socket might signal a faulty one. Usually, replacing the damaged socket or socket wires should solve the problem. With loose wires, you can easily put them back in place.

faulty sockets

However, damaged wires require immediate replacement. Keep in mind the dangers of a faulty socket, from damaging your appliance to electric shock. It’s best to stay away from faulty outlets until it’s fixed.

Check for insects

This is probably the last thing that would come to your mind. But termites, bugs, and ants can find their way into your socket, which might be why there’s an annoying sound from the outlets. Also, their presence there could worsen the situation from corroding electrical systems to damaged wires.

Therefore, you should open the outlet in question and eliminate the insects hiding there. Even better, it would be best if you attempted to get rid of the insects in your home altogether to prevent another incident.


A crackling or buzzing noise from an electrical outlet signals something wrong somewhere. However, there are some practices you can engage in to prevent this issue from happening in the first place. For instance, ensuring all old or faulty sockets are replaced and professionals make the electric connections.

Also, you want to get rid of insects in your home as they can crawl into your outlets and cause damage to wires and sockets. Nonetheless, noise from electric outlets should be attended to prevent any potential hazards promptly.

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