How to Chew Chips Quietly & Why is It Important!

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The library, and many other places, require you to be on your best behavior – a modest citizen. However, when you are starving and easily reach for a bag of chips to curb the pangs, you find yourself chewing loudly 一 an embarrassing moment.

How to Chew Chips Quietly

While it might be easier to soundproof your home and appliances, chiming down the chewing noise is not an easy task. So, you don’t want to chalk this comprehensive guide up as frivolous.

This post will comprehensively look at how to chew chips quietly and why you should be mindful of how you chew your favorite chips in public.

Why are Chips so Noisy?

If you have ever tried to eat chips in a library or cinema, you would understand how challenging it’s to achieve. From opening the bag to chewing the chips, chip packets are easily the bane of secret snackers.

Chips so Noisy

Surprisingly, the loud crackle is intentional, and it’s not to the scourge of someone’s life but to hack your minds. The noise from opening a bag of chips is similar to the sound of popping a bottle of champagne. The sound makes you excited and eager to have a bite. Plus, the noise might get someone else in the room craving crunchy chips.

Why is It Important to Chew Chips Quietly?

While it’s okay to tear up your packet of crunchy crispy chips any way you want at home, this act can be embarrassing when done in the wrong places.

Why is It Important to Chew Chips Quietly

For instance, eating and making noise is not welcome in a library. Hence, the sound of opening a bag of chips or chewing some can be distracting to others and put them in an awkward situation 一 everyone is staring at you. Also, it might call unnecessary attention to you.

In addition, most people consider eating loudly a bad manner. Thus, they likely criticize you repeatedly, which might affect your confidence or reflect poorly on your professional life if not addressed.

Furthermore, some people deal with misophonia, a big word for people who can’t stand loud eaters. The chewing sound irritates them. So, you will likely encounter issues with someone suffering from this disorder.

Besides, you don’t want to be tagged as a loud eater. Therefore, it’s vital that you look into other ways of reaching the chips in the bag and chew them quietly.

Step By Step Guide To Chewing Chips Quietly

There is no reason to beat yourself up about this kind of habit. There are a couple of tips and tricks to allow you to chew your favorite crunchy chips without causing a distraction.

Tip 1 – Close your mouth while eating

Aside from the noise, opening your mouth while eating is a bad habit. You can solve this issue by simply closing your mouth as you chew the chips.

If you are not used to eating with your mouth closed, it might initially seem uncomfortable. But after doing this a couple of times, you should get used to it and have no trouble eating your chips with your mouth closed.

Tip 2 – Chew slowly

The hunger pangs might drive you to chew those chips quickly. But if you are in a public place that demands you eat quietly, it’s best to slow down on those crispy or tougher foods. Also, eating quickly can lead to digestion problems.

Besides, you tend to overeat, which causes some discomfort when you come to that realization. Learn to eat slowly to save yourself from these negative side effects and create distracting noises.

Tip 3 – Swallow before adding another

If you want to be a secret snacker, you should avoid adding more chips to your mouth. If you keep putting more chips while you chew, it means you have to open your mouth more often, causing noise to travel with the least resistance. Therefore, it’s best to swallow before adding more food.

Tip 4 – Stick with small bites

Take small bites of your food or put small quantities in your mouth. Trying to curb your hunger pang quickly with a handful of chips will only lead to loud chewing noise. If you’re trying to snack secretly, giving small bites of food is best.

Tip 5 – Be mindful

If you are looking for a simple answer to how to chew chips quietly, being mindful is the shortest answer. Usually, we can eat without causing a distracting noise. But after a long day and hunger seemingly feeding on your stomach’s wall, we forget everything and bury your face in the bag of chips 一 without minding where you are.

Always stay mindful whenever you want to eat. Focus on your meal and how you chew every bite if you can’t afford to eat as you prefer where you are. It’s easy for your mind to act like a monkey, jumping from one random thought to the next. Each time this happens, bring your focus back to your meal and the chewing experience.

In addition, you should avoid watching movies or scrolling, or chatting with your online friends. Otherwise, you won’t know how loudly you’re chewing those mouthfuls of crunchy chips.

Tip 6 – Remove / Reduce noise

Like the previous tips, removing distractions during mealtime helps increase focus and be mindful. From chit-chatting with your friends to plugging in earphones, it’s easy to lose focus and not hear how loud you’re chewing with that.

So, we recommend shallowing whatever you’re eating before talking to your friends or anyone. Also, remove the earphones or stop the music as you eat to hear how loud you are chewing the chips.

Tip 7 – Close your eyes

This might seem awkward at first. Closing your eyes as you take small bites or portions of your food improves your focus and heightens your other senses. You can taste your chips better, enjoy every bite, and chew silently.

So, if you struggle to chew silently, closing your eyes might be the best way to do this.


Nobody wants to eat loudly. Usually, we are not aware until we are told or make jest. This habit is irritating to some people and not welcomed in some cultures.

Therefore, it’s essential for you to learn how to chew chips quietly when you are in a place where such an eating habit is frowned upon. Luckily, you have our easy step-by-step guide on how to eat quietly. But the main takeaway is to be aware of how loud you chew while at it.

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