How to Break a Car Window Quietly? (Without Making a Mess)

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It’s typical to forget your car keys in your vehicle and get locked out. While breaking a car window is usually the last resort, it might be the only option in many cases.

How to Quietly Break a Car Window

But why do you need to do this quietly?

According to Forbes’ report, in 2019, 27% out of the 29.9% of all larceny-theft that happened in the United States were car break-ins. Unfortunately, this number is not declining.

Hence, it’s important to learn how to quietly break a car window to prevent any misunderstanding, especially if you’re in a public place.

So, without further ado, let’s check out the top 5 ways to break a window quietly and safely.

Top 5 Ways of Quietly Breaking a Car Window

Hit the Edge

Car windows are designed to be strong enough to offer some degree of protection. Therefore, trying to break them by directing blunt force might be a fruitless endeavor.

So, it’s wise to avoid hitting these glasses at their strongest point 一the center. It will require more force, take longer and create disturbing noise.

In addition, it’s best not to try breaking the back window and the windshield since they are the sturdiest and most expensive out of the car’s window glasses. Thus, it would be best if you only considered hitting the side windows.

The passenger and driver windows feature weaker glass, making it easier to break when you hit them hard on the edge with a blunt object.

This way, you can break a car window with a single blow without making a noise. This works best for breaking the car window from the outside. However, when trying to break the window from the inside, we strongly recommend using an escape hammer or any hard tool.

Keep in mind: this should never be your first resort!

Ninja Rocks

Ninja rocks? What the hell is that, and what does ninja have to do with breaking a car’s glass? These are probably what popped up in your mind.

However, this has nothing to do with ninjas or anything related to martial arts. Ninja rocks are a ceramic part of a spark plug. This is a perfect tool for breaking a car window without drawing too much attention to your business.

Now, you should understand why most thieves opt for ninja rocks as their weapon against car windows. They either hit or throw the ceramic parts of the spark plug against the glass. It’s perfect for breaking both safety and regular glass.

Also, it’s a quieter option than using a hammer and is effective when you direct the ninja rock at the window’s edge.

Sadly, this method can create a mess. Hence, it’s important that you clean your car with caution to avoid cutting yourself. More importantly, be careful when using a ninja rock; it’s easier for anyone to assume you’re a thief because of this method.

Pillow Punch

Directly hitting the window with a hard object causes a loud, attention-drawing noise. So, putting a soft, fluffy material like an ordinary pillow in between helps dampen the noise.

This is one of the quiet ways to break a car down. However, it tends to make a mess if you hit the pillow with too much force. So, grab one of those cushion pillows, place it against the window, and gently hit it with any tool at your disposal.

The shards of glass will likely fly in all directions, which makes cleaning them all out more challenging and pose a greater risk to you and your passengers. So, proceed with caution!

Soundproofing Blankets

Like ordinary pillows, soundproofing blankets are sturdy and thick, making them a great choice for dampening impact noise. This thick material should be folded to increase its thickness and put against the entire window glass before hitting it with a tool.

Similarly, you don’t want to hit very hard to prevent glass shards from everywhere in your car. Hit gently on the window’s edge for an effective, quiet, and mess-free breaking experience.

Porcelain Bits

The side windows come with very low-density glasses, which means you can easily break them with any sharp, hard object. The spark plug was a perfect tool for breaking car windows. Sadly, manufacturers have discontinued the old, effective design due to its misuse.

Another decent option for the spark plug is the porcelain bit. This product works thanks to its sharp edges. However, it would be best if you were extra careful when using a porcelain bit since it’s not designed for breaking car windows to avoid hurting yourself.

Luckily, you can break your car windows safely by throwing the porcelain bits from a safe distance. Therefore, when throwing porcelain bits at the car window, do it with some pressure to ensure it breaks easily. Remember that you’ve to be careful to avoid being hit by glass shards.

Safe Precautions: How to Safely Break a Car Window

If you are breaking the car window to save someone, it’s important you do it carefully and not in a rush. Else, shards of glass might hurt the person you intend to be safe.

Safely Break a Car Window

Identify The Glass

Car windows are not created the same. Some are stronger than others. Therefore, it’s vital that you know the kind of window glass you’re about to break.

For instance, regular car windows are easier to break than safety glasses. Safety glasses have a plastic core sandwiched with two glass layers. While they won’t make much noise like regular noise, they are much harder to break. Also, you can choose to break the safety glass with a hammer if none of the tools mentioned above are at your disposal.

Protective Gear

It’s essential to protect yourself before attempting anything. When breaking a car window, it’s ideal to put on protective wear such as glasses, boots, and gloves for maximum protection.

However, this might be impossible during emergencies. So, you should wear shoes, gloves, and a long-sleeved shirt if possible.

Stay Away

Breaking glass can be messy, with shards of glass flying in all directions. Hence, we strongly advise you to secure that vicinity first. You don’t want anyone hurt by stepping, sitting, or getting hit by glass shards. Keep your kids and pets away from the area; they are more likely to get hurt since they don’t know better.

Can I break a double-glazed car window quietly?

While it might take longer to break a double-glazed window, you can do it quietly using a soundproof blanket or an ordinary pillow to dampen the impact noise. A stone or any tool will break the first pane, while the other pane might require using a hammer. Start hitting from corners to break the edges before moving to the center.

Can I break a bulletproof glass with a spark plug?

The bulletproof glass features more than one layer, usually an arrangement of a glass and polycarbonate layer. Spark plugs might be effective for breaking the glass layer, but they will prove useless against the polycarbonate layer.

Can I break my car window from the inside?

Some cars have tempered glass and an emergency hammer to take down the window. If an emergency hammer is unavailable, remove the headrest from the driver or front passenger seats and use the metal part to break out the window.


Knowing how to break a car window quietly is great and can come in handy during an emergency. However, breaking a car window requires a tool like an EMT device, emergency hammer, spark plug, etc. But to do it quietly, get a blanket, tape, or a pillow to avoid drawing unnecessary attention.

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