The Ultimate Guide To Soundproofing Your Condo Ceiling

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Condos, like multi-family units, offer a wide range of benefits, especially their relatively low living costs. However, the benefits can easily be forgotten since the thin walls and ceilings are no match for your obnoxiously loud upstairs neighbors.

How to Soundproof a Condo Ceiling

Besides, the pandemic has caused most people to work from home. Hence, more people are at home, which makes it more than necessary to turn your condo into a quiet and peaceful sanctuary.

Reclaiming your peace and quiet requires you to soundproof the paper-thin wall to stop those stomping noises from migrating into your condo.

Luckily, this guide covers how to soundproof a condo ceiling with the latest innovative solutions and what to know before opting for this option.

Soundproofing Condo Ceiling Cost

It’s wise to estimate how much it costs to soundproof a condo ceiling. This helps save energy, money, and time. Else, you might have to make frequent trips to your local store to buy the necessary material one after the other. Also, you will be missing out on bulk discounts, among many things.

In addition, there are different methods of soundproofing a condo ceiling, from Mass Loaded Vinyl to soundproof drywall, and they come at different prices. So, suppose you are not looking to spend thousands of dollars (depending on the area of your condo ceiling). In that case, you should stick with soundproof drywall, acoustic panels, and other affordable options.

Materials You Will Need:

  • Resilient channel or sound-isolation clips
  • Mineral Wool Insulation
  • Green Glue
  • Drywall Panel Lift Hoist
  • Acoustic Paint

How To Soundproof A Condo Ceiling

5/8″ Layers of Drywall

If you are not on a tight budget, one of the best soundproofing solutions is the 5/8″ Layers of Drywall to add more resistance to the noise path. It’s best to use two layers of drywall. For excellent soundproofing results, the second drywall layer should be ⅝” thick instead of ½”. Using two layers helps block out more noise and improve its overall appearance.

Furthermore, drywalls are a breeze to use. However, you might require an extra hand for easier handling. If you can’t get a friend to help you, then you should consider purchasing a drywall panel lift hoist from your local hardware store or Amazon or renting one.

Even better, you don’t have to go through the hassle of adding drywall to your condo ceiling. Hiring a professional is better, but it means extra cost. Also, the leftover drywalls don’t have to be tossed away; you can use them on the walls for better soundproofing.

Green Glue Noise-proofing Compound

Soundproofing your ceiling with two layers of drywall requires the Green Glue Noise-proofing Compound. This product is an excellent choice because of its effectiveness and affordable price point.

This product is a viscoelastic noise-damping compound used between the first and second layers of drywall to minimize noise transmission through your condo ceilings or walls. The Green Glue Noise-proofing Compound provides an air-void core for the two layers of drywall, which improves the drywall’s absorption ability.

To use this product, apply this compound to every drywall sheet before installing the second layer. It’s inexpensive but definitely worth using along your drywall for reliable acoustic management.

Resilient Channel

When it comes to soundproofing your condo ceiling, a resilient channel is a decent option to help regain your peace and quiet.

While you cannot do this in most apartments, it’s possible for a condo. However, a resilient channel can really make your condo remarkably quiet and soundproof to a reasonable degree.

One of the benefits of using this option is its effectiveness at decoupling structure-borne noise without breaking the bank. The resilient channel is a thin metal designed for improving your ceilings, plasterboard walls, sheetrock, and drywall’s sound insulation.

This method works best when the ceiling is still in progress, as it’s easier to attach the resilient channel to stud work to separate the drywall from the studs. On the other hand, a finished ceiling requires attaching the thin metal channel to the finished ceiling before adding the second drywall layer. It’s as simple as that!

Soundproof Insulation

Although soundproof insulation does not exist, mineral wool insulation is an excellent product. Unlike the Resilient Channel, this method is only used with unfinished condo ceilings before installing the layers of drywall.

Even better, the method can be used with a resilient channel for outstanding noise-proof results. The mineral wool insulation is available in different sizes and weight options. Also, they have a high NRC rating, which proves their effectiveness in dampening migrating or stomping noise.

Furthermore, these acoustic products come with a reasonable price tag. Plus, it’s fire-resistant and water-repellent. More so, they are more durable than the regular pink fiberglass insulation, which makes the leftovers suitable for making generator boxes and acoustic panels.

Acoustic Paint

To combat airborne noise, your arsenal should include acoustic paint. It effectively drowns out airborne noise and is nearly helpless with dampening structure-borne noise.

But for best noise-proof results, we strongly recommend applying more than two coats to beat down the stomping noise by several decibels. Using a single coat won’t do anything to drown out the airborne noise.

Mass Loaded Vinyl

Did we save the best for the last? Mass-loaded vinyl is your go-to if you don’t want to alter your condo’s appearance, thanks to its thin and light characteristics. Mass-loaded vinyl looks good and will add exciting visuals to your condo.

In addition, it has impressive soundproofing properties and is perfect for use on walls, floors, and ceilings. Its unique attributes help protect your room from both high and low-frequency noise when placed under your condo ceiling.

More so, it’s a breeze to install. Measure your condo’s ceiling and cut the mass-loaded vinyl to size with a razor-sharp knife. You don’t need an expert for this. With unquestionable quality and easy installation, the mass-loaded vinyl is an excellent choice for soundproofing a condo ceiling.

Sadly, it might be a no-no for people on a tight budget because of its high price point. Nonetheless, it’s a worthwhile investment.

What’s the cheapest way to soundproof my condo ceiling?

If you want to skimp on this project, it’s best to talk to your upstairs neighbor to treat their floor instead. Most people already have the necessary materials such as a carpet, heavy rugs, furniture, etc. With a bit of creativity, rearranging the home might help combat the stomping noise.

Is mass-loaded vinyl an affordable option?

It’s not the most affordable option out there. But its price point is reasonable considering the benefits it offers. It’s easier to work with and adequate for blocking out migrating noise. Besides, it’s sold in bulk, so you will get a good discount.

Is it cheaper to soundproof an old or new condo ceiling?

All things being equal, it’s easier and cheaper to soundproof a new condo ceiling. It’s easier to plan everything out from the beginning and go with any desired option without limitation. Suppose you want to renovate your condo. In that case, it might be a good idea to incorporate soundproofing materials for quiet and peace.


Soundproofing your condo ceiling is likely your best bet against the exasperating stomping noise from your upstairs neighbor. However, this project does not have to be expensive. There are affordable ways to block out the noise.

Hopefully, our guide provided detailed information on how to soundproof a condo ceiling to help you regain your quiet and peace.

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