Does PS4 Sound Like A Jet Engine? Here’s How To Fix It!

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The PlayStation 4 is an impressive console delivering an incredible gaming experience until it starts making a loud buzzing sound to ruin the moment. Sometimes the PS4 sounds like a jet engine or an airplane about to take off.

ps4 Sounds Like a Jet Engine

However, SONY claims this loud noise is totally normal. But they must have assumed this noise is bearable. It’s normal for your PS4 to make a low whirring sound. That’s the fan working and keeping your console for a great gaming experience.

But once the noise becomes a nuisance and danders the players, there’s a problem. This might be caused by faulty hardware, poor ventilation, dust in your PS4, etc.

This handy guide will discuss why your PS4 is making noise and the easy steps to solve this problem to regain your wonderful gaming experience.

Why Does My PS4 Sound Like A Jet Engine?

There are a couple of reasons why your console might be noisy and annoying. Usually, the built-in fans are the underlying culprit to the nut-driving noise. Whether you’re using a PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro, you probably notice the difference in the fan speeds compared to the standard PS4, which is lower.

Why Does My PS4 Sound Like A Jet Engine

This means your PS4 works harder. When this happens, you should expect a louder noise apart from the mild whirring noise from the standard PS4.

Nonetheless, let’s check out other reasons your PS4 sounds like a jet engine:

Faulty Hardware

Another common reason your console is making a loud noise is faulty hardware. When your PS4 makes a whining sound, there’s likely an issue with its hardware. Also, the cooling fan might be responsible. Your PlayStation has different types of fans for varying purposes. So, if one or more of the fans is not working correctly, your console might act up.

Issues like this often arise because you’ve been playing for an extended period or powering the console on and off too many times. These habits often stress your hardware, which leads to loud noise that’s bothering you.

Accumulated Dust

One of the most ignored maintenance practices is this: getting rid of dust in the ventilation and fans. Like most appliances with a built-in fan or ventilation system, dust is quickly accumulated inside the device, and it’s up to you to get rid of them.

Over time, your console will accumulate dust, which will come in contact with the blades of the integrated fan, causing jet-engine-like noise. During this contact, your PS4 will likely be overheating, and the accumulated dust makes it hard for the fan or ventilation system to be effective.

So what happens next? Your PS4 starts making noise because the fan or ventilation system will start overworking itself to ensure your console is running cool, causing a louder noise.

Playing High-end Games

Unlike the old PS4 console, most modern consoles can’t handle high-end games smoothly. So, if you’re playing a heavy game, the console has to work harder to ensure it runs smoothly while the console remains cool while handling the high-end game. With increased pressure inside the console, the loud noise coming from your PlayStation 4 is inevitable.

External Hardware

External hardware is usually missed when trying to figure out why your favorite console is making noise. The noise could result from the keyboard, mouse, portable HDD, etc. 一 why? Playing games with this external hardware plugged in increases the pressure on the console. The fans will have to increase their speed to provide better air circulation within the console to drop the temperature. Once this happens, a lot of noise will be generated by your console.

How To Fix Ps4 Sound Issue? Step-by-Step Guide!

By now, you should have familiarized yourself with the slew of reasons your PS4 is making a noise. Getting to the crux of the problem is just as important as the solution.

How To Fix Ps4 Sound Issue

Once you’ve figured out the likely reason your console is being noisy, then here are a couple of solutions to fix the issue:

Clean Fan & Ventilation System With a Can of Compressed Air

You can get a can of compressed air at the nearest supermarket or hardware store at an affordable price. It’s an effective way to get the dust out of your console. It’s foolproof to use. Spray the compressed air on the fan and blow out the dust.

This frees your fan from dust, reduces pressure on the ventilation system, and minimizes noise. You can also blow out the dirt or dust in your power supply.

Replace the Fan

While dust in a console might bedevil in disguise, the fan might just be damaged. Hence, using a can of compressed air might prove ineffective. At this point, you want to consider replacing your PlayStation 4 fan.]

Taking out the old fan is an easy process. Follow this easy procedure:

Step 1 – Turn off your PS4 and disconnect your console from the power cable or outlet
Step 2 – Take off the bottom cover
Step 3 – open the case and remove the old fan
Step 4 – Install the new PS4 fan and couple everything together

If you’re not sure you can do this, it’s best to watch a video tutorial online or ask your handy friend to help you out. Hate to take the risk? Seek help from your local technician.

Place your PS4 Vertically

This is an old trick. Changing your PS4 orientation from horizontal to vertical helps dampen the noise from your console. Getting your device into a standing position might reduce the pressure inside by promoting better airflow.

When the PlayStation is set to vertical, there’s a high chance that the fans’ workload is reduced since this new position fosters better air circulation. Keep in mind that overheating is one of the main reasons your PS4 sounds like a jet engine.

Set Up Your PS4 in a Well-Ventilated Place

The whole point is to prevent your console from overheating. Hence, placing your game console in a hot room is counterproductive. Your PS4 will make noise even louder if you’re playing a heavy game in a dusty and hot environment.

It’s important to set up your game console on a shelf or a table. This way, you can avoid dust accumulating in your device. Also, it’s best if the environment is cool, which ensures your console’s fans run at a slower speed and quietly.

Clean the Ventilation Slots

In keeping your PS4 cool, a lot of noise is generated. Like the fans, cleaning the PS4 ventilation slots might help tone down the noise coming from the device. Once the ventilation slots are dusty, it’s nearly impossible for air to flow freely, increasing the device’s pressure. Hence, heat is generated, and the fan will have to run at full speed to counter this effect.

Tips & Tricks To Improve Your Ps4 Sound?

Tip 1 – Run your PS4 in Safe Mode to prevent your console from finding resources or updates online to run a software/game/app. The Safe Mode puts less pressure on your console. The point is not to always use the normal boot mode.

Tip 2 – Avoid powering your console on and off time and again. This practice is bad for your console, and you might damage your PS4 hardware. It’s not a toy. Once it’s powered, allow the game console to boot completely before turning it off, if you have to.

Tip 3 – Playing high-end games on your PS4 places you in a flow state. So, 5 hours might appear to be a couple of minutes. While there’s nothing wrong with this, if done frequently places too much stress on the console. Therefore, it’s best to take a break after a couple of hours of intense gaming. Besides, you should take a short break, catch your breath, get out of your gaming chair, and enjoy other outdoor activities.

Tip 4 – Ensure you set up your console in an ideal environment. Place the PS4 on a flat, hard surface for better airflow inside the device. It’s not advisable to run your PS4 on soft, fluffy material like rugs. They prevent hot air from escaping and cool air from getting into your console.


When enjoying your favorite high-end game on your PS4, the annoying sound of a jet engine migrating from your console ruins the fun for you and probably your friends. While it’s normal for you to hear a soft whirring sound, a loud noise to disrupt your gaming experience isn’t.

We’ve discussed the likely causes for this: the annoying sound of a jet engine coming from your console and also include quick and practical solutions to this common problem. Hopefully, this fixes the issue and allows you to resume your superb gaming experience.

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