Whirlpool Electric Stove Making Buzzing Noise? Why & How to Fix!

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Aside from an electric stove still making noise after being turned off being scary, it can be confusing. The noise won’t just stop, which creates distracting noise and uneasiness in the kitchen.

Whirlpool Electric Stove Making Buzzing Noise

And, of course, there is an explanation for this erratic behavior. But it’s also essential to know if it poses some risk to your property and life. It would be best if you didn’t take chances with electrical appliances; they can go from bad to worse in the blink of an eye.

So, in this guide, you will understand WHY your Whirlpool electric stove is making a noise and the most effective solution.

What Could Be Causing The Buzzing Noise?

What Could Be Causing The Buzzing Noise

Electrical applications make different types of noise, indicating an idiosyncratic malfunction. Hence, this section will address why your Whirlpool electric stove makes a noise:


If your electric stove is old, the body parts will likely become loose. The vibration causes the loose body part to collide with one another. When this happens, you would hear a rattling noise while cooking.

Thermal Expansion

Your electric stove is constantly exposed to high heat. This leads to the metal part expanding. Once you are done cooking, the cooking appliance cools down, which causes the expanded metal part to shrink. The perpetual expansion and construction of its metal components result in cracking or popping noise. The normal is absolutely normal, and no cause to be alarmed.


Electric equipment can get overheated, especially when the circuit becomes overloaded. Thus, causing the circuit breaker to malfunction. This is called electric arcing. This condition is quite a common occurrence. However, it’s usually on a small scale. But the large ones are accompanied by scary sparks, which can be very noisy.

In addition, they can pose a severe threat to your property and life. So, sparkling noise is not one of the signs you can afford to ignore.

Faulty Fan Motor

If your electric stove starts making an annoying rattling sound immediately after you turn it on, it’s like its engine is malfunctioning. These devices come with built-in fans for proper ventilation. So, if the fan is not working or struggling, the fan motor creates that rattling sound.

In most cases, you can easily resolve the issue by accessing the fan and manually turning it. However, in some situations, the fan is stiff and requires a new one. At this point, you should call a professional to help make the switch.

If you want to avoid opening the panel to access the motor, here is how you can determine if the fan’s motor is faulty. The efficiency of your electric stove will plummet if your fan is working. If your stove is not as efficient as before, the fan might be the culprit here.

Cooling system

Most Modern electric stoves are equipped with the latest cooling system. This system remains functional even after the stove is off. Hence, the weird noise from your appliance, even when it’s off, might be the cooling system still working.

However, if the noise takes longer than before to subdue, it might be the thermostat at fault. This component controls when the cooling system should be activated or deactivated. So, if it’s faulty, it allows the cooling system to run longer than it used to.

Is A Noisy Electric Stove Safe To Use?

The noise generated by the motor and fan is generally safe. Typically, they are no louder than 75 dB and last only a few minutes. So, the noise level isn’t putting you and your household at risk of hearing loss or other noise-induced problems.

Is A Noisy Electric Stove Safe To Use

On the other hand, a defective cooling system leads to overheating and engenders costly and life-threatening problems. However, modern electric stoves come better equipped with safety mechanisms to combat this issue. So, there are slim chances of explosions, fires, or other disasters evolving from overheating.

An electric stove with a defective fan should not be dangerous. Usually, its cooking efficiency suffers. Your food stops cooking evenly. Also, you don’t have to raise your shield if the noise is from a loose body part.

But the only real threat is when the cooking appliance sparks due to electric arcing. This happens when the wiring has gone wrong and can be problematic instantly. This problem often escalates quickly into a fire. Hence, turn it off immediately and call a professional.

Easy Fix for a Whirlpool Electric Stove Making Noise

  • If you notice a squealing noise, it’s likely your fan is clogged. So, cleaning it or removing the obstacle should solve this problem.
  • Faulty components like motor, fan, and ignitor can be the underlying root of the problem. So, it’s best to change them once they are no longer functional.
  • For popping noise, it might be the liquid collected on the element generating the noise. Thus, cleaning off the liquid easily solves this problem.
  • A defective burner can be the cause of the buzzing noise. This isn’t one of the problems I recommend solving on your own. It’s best to seek professional help.
  • Another problem you need help resolving is electrical arcing and notorious sparking. This problem is associated with appliance wiring, which demands a technical skill you might not possess.

Related FAQs

What are the signs that I need a new electric stove?

If your appliance is still under warranty, you should contact the manufacturer. However, here are some hints that your electric stove might be beyond repairs:

● Broken plug and fuse box
● Does not heat or heat rapidly
● Scorched countertops or trouble controlling the heat

Can my noisy electric stove explode?

The chance of your device exploding is slim if it’s not an older model. However, defective sockets, loose wiring connections, and overheating elements are some of the primary causes of the explosion.

How long does it take an electric stove to cool down?

Most electric stoves have a cooling fan to speed up and ensure even heat distribution. But once you are done cooking, it takes about 90 minutes or less to cool the stove down completely. So, it’s normal to hear some whirring noise after turning the stove off.


It’s crucial that you are careful with electric appliances, especially everyday ones like an electric stove. Usually, the noise is not an indication to replace the device or be alarmed. It might make a clicking, popping, or whirring noise even when turned off.

But, once you notice your appliance starts to spark, you need a technician to diagnose and fix your electric stove.

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