How to Record Upstairs Neighbor Stomping? 5 Easy Steps!

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Do you know those noise complaints are among the top five calls consistently received by police departments? Yes, it’s among general disturbances, suicide attempts, and domestic violence.

How to Record Upstairs Neighbor Stomping

It’s hard to have quality sleep or productivity when your neighbors upstairs derive pleasure from stomping. If you are dealing with this problem, the best way to handle it is to record the noise as evidence and report it to your landlord.

Now, this brings us to the question: How to record upstairs neighbor stomping?

In this guide, we’ll go over practical tips and tricks on recording the stomping noise from your upstairs neighbor and what you can do to manage the situation.

What Equipment Do You Need to Record Upstairs Neighbor Stomping?

You don’t need anything sophisticated or purchase new equipment to record the stomping. You can use any recording device like your tablet or smartphone to do the job. Also, you can use your PC with a recorder program and an external mic or a digital voice recorder.

Regardless of your choice, you probably don’t need to make a trip to your local hardware store to purchase a recording device. This process shouldn’t be stressful or set you back by any means. Nonetheless, it’s vital to get your already-owned recording device as close to the stopping noise source as possible for the best sound quality.

Can I Record the Upstairs Neighbor Stomping?

The short answer is YES. If your neighbor is noisy, you have a right to record and make complaints to your landlord or police department. However, there are some exceptions.
Recording the noise allows you to report with evidence and be taken seriously by the police, homeowner association, or landlord. But before you start recording your noise from your neighbor’s stompings, you try to reach out and inform them of their noise.

If this works, then you probably don’t need to record. However, if they prove stubborn, you should go ahead and gather your evidence. You can use your smartphone or any recorder to capture disturbing sounds for evidence.

Ways To Fix The Problem

Homeowners face many problems, and noisy neighbors are one of the common ones. It can be a dandering experience, especially if the noise comes from your upstairs neighbors. However, there are a couple of things you can try to mitigate this annoying issue.

The very first step is knocking on your neighbor’s doors and bringing this issue to their awareness. This might make you feel uncomfortable, but it’s worth trying. In many cases, your neighbors are not aware that their activities upstairs are causing a nuisance for you.

So, by calling their attention to this issue, they might be mindful next time when trying to engage in their usual activities.

If you don’t want to confront them, you can avoid this by leaving a note telling them how disturbing the noise is for you.

Another option you can try, if the first suggestion fails, is contacting the homeowner’s association or your landlord. This would require you to provide some sort of evidence of how loud and unbearable the noise is for you. They should be able to get this issue under control, provided you’re able to convince them.

If your evidence is not good enough for the landlords to interfere, you might consider using noise-canceling earplugs or headphones. This will help block out the noise and allow you to regain your peace and quiet. This can be most helpful, especially when the stomping noise from your upstairs neighbors is only occasional.

But if the noise is constant, your best bet at this point is to soundproof your room. This is an expensive approach because you have to soundproof the ceiling and walls of your room, but worthwhile if it fixes the issues.

Regardless of the option that resonates with you, you must approach the matter with calmness and politeness. Aggressiveness and anger can be counterproductive.

Hopefully, your proactive approach resolves the noise from stomping neighbors for better sleep quality and improved productivity.

How to Record Upstairs Neighbor Stomping – Step-By-Step Guide

Getting the evidence you need should not cost you a dime or stress you out. Your smartphone or PC with a sound recorder program should provide excellent results.

Upstairs Neighbor Stomping

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to record upstairs neighbor stomping effectively:

Step 1 – Turn off all the noise/sound in your apartment

To record your neighbor’s stomping noise, you want to ensure sounds from other sources are not interfering with the recordings. The best way to do this is to shut the windows to block out street noise and turn off any appliances/gadgets emanating from any noise.

Step 2 – Get closer to the source.

Once your apartment is dead quiet, you want to take your recording device close to the source. If you are not tall enough, you can stand on a chair with your hand fully stretched to the ceiling for a better recording effect. Also, it ensures the recording device is not picking up more noise from your room and redirects its focus to your upstairs neighbor’s stomping noise.

Step 3 – Mute your phone

Regardless of how minor it is, any alteration might get your evidence thrown out. So, if you’re recording with your phone, you don’t want pop-up sounds or calls to break the recording sessions. To avoid stress, it’s best to put your phone in airplane mode. And if this does happen, delete the recording and start again properly.

Step 4 – Record when the stomping noise starts

When it gets noisy again, get your chair into position, turn your smartphone’s airplane mode, and press the record button. For better results, ensure the phone’s mic is closer and facing the source of the noise and not away.

Step 5 – Save your recordings.

You only need 30 – 60 seconds of video or audio recording to save the day. However, how long the recording should be it’s up to you. You likely might want to prove that the stomping noise lasts for several minutes. Regardless of how long or the type of recording you opt for, make sure it’s not altercated. Else, it’ll likely be thrown out.

How Do I Tell My Upstairs Neighbors They Stomp?

The first step to resolving this threatening noise is informing your upstairs neighbor of what’s happening and discussing possible ways to resolve the issues. Keep in mind that it’s not always the neighbor’s fault; the house might need to be fixed to solve this problem, such as placing rugs on the floors to help dampen the noise.

So, go over to your neighbors and politely inform them so that both parties can regain their peace, quiet, and happiness in their homes. And if the stomping noise is intentional, this might serve as a warning to them to caution themselves and take you into consideration.


The stomping noise from your upstairs neighbor can be frustrating since you’re at the losing end. It’s hard to ensure a good night’s sleep after a hectic day’s work without being interrupted, and gradually they are stripping you of your peace in your apartment.

In this handy post, we’ve discussed a couple of things you can try out to resolve this issue. However, if you’ve to record them as proof to your landlord or police, kindly follow our step-by-step process of recording upstairs neighbor stomping 一 it’s easy to follow and stress-free.

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